The structure of a song includes a great hook, a chorus and a verse. Let’s put it in a much simpler way in terms of ABC’s, where A stands as the verse, B as the chorus and C as the bridge.

The most basic structure is where the verses are broken up by an appealing chorus that doubles at the last part, this is also known as the ABABB structure. This can work well if you have nice lyrics and a catchy melody.

We also have the ABABCBB structure where the chorus is lengthened at the end, the bridge breaks it up. If the bridge breaks up the end, the hook of the song is lengthened thus giving it some variety.

There’s nothing wrong in repeating a catchy chorus that’s easily memorized by the listeners. Pairing it up with some great melody makes it all worth repeating for. Except if the song is over-played on the radio and everywhere you go this song is being played on, then you might get tired of it too. But just imagine how proud the songwriter must feel if his song is being played everywhere! You have to make sure that whatever the structure is, it shouldn’t be a puzzle of different parts.

The main ingredient of the song structure is the arrangement. Identifying the arrangement that you want in your song basically figures out the king of instrumentation that you want. The instrumentation defines the kind of music that you will be making, whether it’s a pop song or a heavy rock song you can try to check some online mixing and mastering services to help you with your work. If you have already figured the structure and have decided on the instrumentation, you can now start constructing your song. You can start with the chords and melody, in order to make it easier for your part, you can also record the drum beat already.

You can try the time-tested approach of quiet verses contrasted buy loud choruses to make you production interesting with different elements. An effective way of making a contrast between the vocal and instrument is call the call and response approach. You also have to bear in mind that the foundation of the song plays a big role, make sure that the drums and bass have a good beat. The harmonic structure of the song should not be taken lightly, from simple guitar chords to heavy rock riffs or syncopated piano stabs.

Above all the mentioned essentials in the production of music, the key of creating a good one is through the melody. The melody mainly impress the listeners, if it fails, then everything else does. Make your melody a memorable one because a great melody wraps up everything nicely.


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